Sound Design

For audiobooks, animations, films, video games and multimedia I can create soundscapes, sound elements and background music. With more than 25 years experience from many client projects I offer sound design, music production and sound editing. My services includes audio restoration, equalizer sound editing, dynamic compression, mixing and mastering of music tracks, dialogue and sounds in mono, stereo and immersive binaural 3D Audio or Dolby Atmos.

For your project I offer editing of already recorded audio and also I can create mono, stereo up to 3D audio sound design and music tracks for nature films, travel movies and contemporary or historical documentaries, for drama, adventure and thriller films or audiobooks and podcasts as well as sound elements and background music for theatre plays, slide shows, animations, video games, virtual reality and multimedia apps. All tracks will be recorded and edited with professional audio tools according to current quality standards and the specifications that you need for your project.

Soundscapes and sound elements can be created for supporting the atmosphere or action in a scene in audiobooks, radio drama and podcasts, documentary and feature films, video games, websites, social media clips, apps, presentations as well as audiovisual art and multimedia installations. For the production of Mono-, Stereo- or 3D Audio tracks and loops I use organic and synthetic sounds of various instruments as well as foley and field recordings of natural atmos.

As a sound designer, composer and musician I am creating a combination of stereo and immersive 3D Audio soundscapes and music of different genres. My styles are contemporary and experimental music as well as ethno-cultural flavoured world sounds, vibes and rhythms. To compose and record music, I use synthesizers, guitars, electric bass, piano, but also various traditional instruments from different regions of the world such as oud, saz, tanbur, sitar, tampura, santur, kanun and guzheng zither, array mbira, marimba, glockenspiel, hang, zurna, ney and bansuri flutes as well as cello, accordion, harmonium, organ, waterphone, orchestral ensemble strings and brass and self-designed virtual instruments created from different sound sources. Also I am recording global rhythms and grooves under use of a wide range of percussion instruments from Asia, India, Africa and the Middle East, combined with jazzy vintage drums or urban electronic beats.

Dialogue Editing for audiobooks, podcasts, films, videos and audiovisual presentations can include level and fades adjustments, cuts, restoration and noise reduction, equalizer sound editing, reverb and creation of virtual acoustic environments, sound design manipulations and dynamic compression. Delivery of audio files according to the specifications that you need in your project (WAV, AIFF, MP3, M4A: AAC, Flac)

Immersive Audio Post Mixing can include editing of mono, stereo or binaural 3D audio elements including positioning and automated movements of music, dialogue, SFX, atmos and foley sounds anywhere within a full 360° three-dimensional sphere as well as level and fades adjustments, cuts, restoration and noise reduction, equalizer sound editing, reverb and creation of virtual acoustic environments, delay, effects and sound design manipulations, spectral shaping, dynamic compression, vintage sound coloring, saturation and limiting of audio tracks, stems und mixes. Delivery of audio files according to the specifications that you need in your project (Mono-, Stereo-, Binaural-WAV, AIFF, MP3, M4A: AAC, Flac or ADM BWF Dolby Atmos Mix)

Binaural 3D Audio is played from a two-channel audio file - same as stereo (for example a WAV or compressed MP3 audio) and gives the listener an immersive sound experience. Binaural 3D Audio simulates the human spatial hearing via every kind of stereo headphones (no special models are required). When listening to stereo audio with headphones, the perception of all sources of sounds is located inside of the head between the left and right ear. With binaural 3D Audio the sound appears outside of the head and can be anywhere within a full 360 Degrees three-dimensional sphere.

Another immersive format is Dolby Atmos for various speaker setups and sound systems enabled with Dolby Atmos. It is used in more and more films and now also on the streaming platform Apple Music.

Musician, sound designer, audio engineer JENS HELMSTEDT, active as bass player since the early eighties, founded in 1993 his own studio in Germany. Specialized on music production, sound design, audio editing and premastering, he worked for many artists, record labels, theatre, radio, tv, film and media agencies. He realized also audiovisual multimedia concepts for various clients. Currently creative with a special focus on 3D audio. Booking available via SOUNDBETTER or send a message via contact form or E-Mail.


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