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Musician, composer, sound designer, audio engineer JENS HELMSTEDT, who is active as bass player and music producer since the early eighties, founded in 1993 his own studio in Germany. Specialized on music production, digital audio editing and premastering, he worked for many artists, record labels, agencies and media.

Beside audio editing of music tracks, albums and audiobooks, he realized also audiovisual webdesign, documentary photography and multimedia concepts for various clients. Currently working mainly on sound design and 3D audio music projects.

If you are interested in sound design, music composing or audio editing for your film, audiobook or multimedia project, please send a message.

Or you can hire me via the New York based platform SOUNDBETTER by Spotify for Artists 

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FEATURED PLAYLIST – 3D Audio Music and Soundscapes
Produced as a combination of stereo and binaural 3D audio.
To get the full listening experience, the use of headphones is recommended.

Music streaming on SoundCloud , Spotify , Apple Music – Download available and Patreon